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no vlog this week….#sad

didnt get much video this last weekend since all junior and i did were side jobs and then we got too drunk later that night and were hung over as fuck the next day and didnt want to work on cars lol but we do have a discount code for enjuku racing! use slamburglars5 for a discount on your order. i promise this weekned ill get video and make another episode. ill be installing the intake manifold and getting measurements for my new fuel system since ill be running e85 now. stay tuned for some awesome raw footage.

btw our local bud richard did the powder coating on this bad boy. look him up on instagram and i promise your jaw will drop at his 2j sc300.

instagram: rozhko_8052jz



well peggy sue is still dirty and i still have a lot of stuff to do and get ready for this tune. im jus being a big baby about it and need to get it done so i can have everything ready to go. heres a shorter vlog episode since junior was out of state with drea and i was stuck home procrastinating.

So much for a car oriented weekend.

Well this weekend junior and I decided to treck out to LA to return the blown ass engine I bought. We also picked up some fenders for my car and a bumper for juniors car. It was suppose to be quick and fun for the girls but junior and I ended up driving 8 hours all day. Not very car oriented weekend but car motivated none the less. Either way enjoy the video I put together, hopefully next weekend I can get a cooler video of my car or something that’s of interest to all of you.

Rising from the ashes

It’s been a long while since I’ve been to the site or even surfed the forum. As of late I’ve been on a hiatus from the car scene. Been to a few shows here and there and I do have to say a lot has changed. Lately I’ve been lost with my car and what I want to do. I’ve thought about selling it, doing an SR swap and even doing the unthinkable…. an LS1. A funny thing happened while I was at work. I was in the middle of dropping a rack and pinion on a cayenne when I get a call. I go look and it’s Palmer. I thought it was parculliar he was calling me randomly but I answered anyways. Come to find out he was calling a different Ivan and called me by mistake. Well we talked for a bit and let me say he spoke some motivational words of encouragement. I told him what I was doing with the car, what I had done and where I’m at. I don’t think I’d be in the position I’m in with Pegasus right now if it wasn’t for his call. So shout out to Palmer for calling me even if it was a mistake and shout out to junior who has shown me how much fun it was to work on cars in driveways to then go out on a test drive to see the work come together. be patient with me and Pegasus. We will come back. I’m going to try documenting everything junior and I do here in the next year because we have big plans. Both of us are in a spot in life where we can splurge before we become to grown up. Enjoy this video of the first weekend of many of us working on cars and having fun.



Words and pictures by Josh Gularte, @finalbossjosh

The nicer pictures by Jacob “Yakov” Demchuk, @vtecjake

2 Bash 2 Future was an awesome event hosted by Tandem of Die at Jackson County Sports Park in White City, Oregon. The weekend was filled nothing but fun with friends new and old and plenty of drifting.

So the whole trip started with me waking up early and driving 2 hours to Sacramento from the bay. I was the first to arrive at Max’s house and we had to go fetch tires as the ones he ordered would not be here in time.


Then he spent a little time making sure his car was purty for the trip


One by one everybody started showing up and while we waited for one last member of our caravan we decided to take pics and glance at each other’s setups before the cars drifting possibly end up a little battered after the trip.


2 Bash 2 Future

2 Bash 2 Future

2 Bash 2 Future

2 Bash 2 Future

Dom was the last one to show up as he had to finish installing his rear subframe, adjusting the coils and get the car aligned at a shop with a rack low enough to do it. We left at 5 which was much later than we were expecting.

2 Bash 2 Future

Some point just before Oregon we got some gas.

2 Bash 2 Future

At around 12:30 at night, we pulled into the hotel where most people for the event were staying. The first thing that happens when I enter the parking lot is Joe Alaya of Tandem of Die comes running over the throw some cold beers inside the open windows of the car. Most of the people were out in the parking lot drinking to celebrate the start of a good weekend. We joined in on the fun to meet new friends and talk with old ones.

2 Bash 2 Future

2 Bash 2 Future

2 Bash 2 Future

The night ended with some Bachelorette party girls getting angry, cops and taco bell. The next morning we woke up to some bomb 5 dollar eggs Benedict and set off to the track.


After a quick drivers meeting, track action got soon underway.





2 Bash 2 Future

2 Bash 2 Future

This was the first event that Earl of Comrades was driving with his freshly carbon wrapped FC. Needless to say, it did grab a lot of attention but it annoyed him that everyone just kept coming up and touching it. Rule #1 of car etiquette is to NOT touch other people’s cars without asking. They don’t call him @angry_earl for nothing. Here he is with his hard pose fending off car molesters.

2 Bash 2 Future

Lucas of Heavy Flow was out with his gorgeous AE86 on Work Equip 01s. One of the best looking cars drifting with a smooth driver behind the wheel.

2 Bash 2 Future

Very nice engine bay as well sporting the small but mighty 4age.

2 Bash 2 Future

Picture is not that great because my camera was on the wrong setting but it shows Lucas’s cool Hoshino drift spares which are the opposites of his equips. Cool little detail.

2 Bash 2 Future

Forum member Cole (intransit) of In Transit drove 16 hours with his friend from Canada and ending sleeping on the floor of a walmart parking lot as they were too beat to look for a hotel. If that’s not the love of drifting, then I don’t know what is.

2 Bash 2 Future

2 Bash 2 Future

His tandem partner’s car has a very nice 90s style to it with mild aero and small old school wheels.

2 Bash 2 Future

All was good under the Gold Star/Slamburglars canopy.

2 Bash 2 Future

After Dom and Max did their run for the end of the day team tandem competition, we left as we knew we weren’t gonna win as Dom had went off the track we his power steering locked up and couldn’t counter steer as much as he wanted. After dinner we headed back to the hotel to refresh ourselves for the partying.


We first sat in the upper part of the lobby waiting for others but then the front counter guy nicely asked us to move as there were some rooms right next to us and he did not want them disturb. He sensed what was coming. He suggested we go to a small patio area by the pool and he could send the janitor over to bring a garbage bin for us. We gladly accepted the offer and gave him several high fives for awesome, friendly service. So the patio became our party spot.


Some people went to the bar but it only lasted long enough for Alveen and Luis to sing some Rick Astley which was definitely the highlight of the night. We drift less than half the day on Sunday. Max had already left with Rus because he had a cold and Dom’s power steering was not cooperating with him so we felt it was time to go. We said some goodbyes and pulled out blasting solider boy.

As we rolled back to sac, we took advantage of the sunlight and amazing backdrops for some rolling shots. Here are some of the best.






After we got back, we said goodbye and split up. This was one of the best trips ever.

Special thanks to our convoy of Max, Angel, Dom, Jake, Aaron, Joe, Ian, Earl, Daniel, Rus. Thank you to Tandem of Die, Jackson county sports park and the volunteers, and everyone else I saw or met for making this trip so memorable.

Dream Machines Half Moon Bay 2014

By Josh Gularte

Sunday was an annual event known as “Dream Machines” in Half Moon Bay, California. It’s basically a gearhead’s wet dream as it’s filled with old airplanes, old utility motors, vintage tractors and of course, lots and lots of cars, mainly old school muscle cars but the event is open to anyone and lots of great cars came out. There were many cool slammed ones as well. The weather started out cloudy and a bit cold but by 12 the sun had come out to warm things up and both skies made for interesting backdrops. Plenty of people came out to show off their prized possession.

The first car I saw entering the show is one of my favorite cars ever, a Porsche 911, this one in a nice racing style

The grey and black fuchs were a perfect choice this car.

Not far from the Porsche was this nice… um… Buick? I’m not super knowledgeable on old American cars and I forgot to take pictures of some of the cars’ window paper that said the year, make and model so please excuse any errors and if you spot one let me know and I can fix it.

Bel Air Convertible.

Cool Ford Galaxie

This Buick makes me want to go on craigslist and find a one for a cheap project. Really good looking car.

Someone brought out their minty burgundy E9 on Alpina wheels.

Local group of bagged trucks came out to showcase their rides and I loved the deep dish brushed metal lips on this one.

Amongst the trucks was this nicely bagged 300c and looked great with this color combo and shaved doors.

Most of the trucks in this group were running this interesting frame setup.

You don’t see too many of these, a ford two wagon I’m unsure of what it is (and couldn’t find searching) and a drag prepped b110.

Under the hood of the ford you can spot a large intercooler on top of the engine and a turbo just under it.

You don’t see too many of these old muscle wagons.

Someone brought out their collection old bikes, both pedal and motorized.

Very clean old ford truck.

This old man came out with his rickety jalopy that looks like it came out of the grapes of wrath or something. Hard to believe it worked.

And amazingly the dmv gave it plates.

What’s a car show without bugs? But wait this is Slamburglars…



YOU’RE HOT!!!1!!!1!

This bug is very special.

The engine looks nothing special, but the thing is it’s a fake.

And the tires are wider than normal.

The real engine is up front, total sleeper.

Relative of the beetle, the 914.

Odd lowered cars are cool, like this Rambler American

Or this Chevy pickup with a camper on the back.

As you would guess there was plenty of modified old trucks

Kinda odd for an older car to wear a hood bra.

This one here was basically perfect.

A mobile dyno was on site and this truck did 408hp/408tq. *not bad obama face*

A few Datsuns came out.

Challenger + Airrex Struts + Accuair Management + VIP Modular Wheels = This

Pretty cool shot I got.

VW Vans, man.

Corvette on Hayashi Racing wheels

Slammed army vehicle

Golf R on H.R.E.s

Mean Cobra on CCWs

Chameleon paint Bel Air

To end this post, an oni camber tractor.

secret meat

well another year and another SF meat! except this time it didnt go as planned. due to some unforseen circumstances we were not able to host the meat at the same place as last year which was treasure island (it was the perfect spot IMO) due to not being able to get permits and what not… anyways i dont know the details but we still managed to set something up for people who still made the trek out to hang out and flip some burgars. heres a quick little video of what we did and who showed up! nothing special but awesome song and familiar faces along with some new ones. enjoy.

-ivan the terrible